Bio Focus  works in  a nearly identical manner, the exception being they extract your immune cells as opposed to malignant cells, testing various agents identifying which best enhances their killing capacity. Both labs then present you with a list of best candidates for treatment. The Rational Theraputics test by Dr. Nagourney requires a tissue sample for testing sensitivity/resistance to chemotheraputic agents and  provides you with their findings. If you are interested in having any of these tests performed please e-mail us requesting the contact info for each lab or the one of your choice requesting Salicinium on their forms.

Chemosensitivity testing provides each patient with the first best choices in chemotherapy as well as natural agents. The leading laboratories are RGCC in Greece, BioFocus Labs in Germany and Rational Theraputics in the U.S.   RGCC extracts the malignant cells from your blood sample and grows them in serum until they have a large enough sample for testing various agents to see which ones kill the most cells. 

Chemosensitivity Testing