Healthy cells do not have the ability to accept complexed sugar molecules, those having something additional attached to the glycome portion. Because cancer cells possess an enzyme known as b-glucosidase they have the ability to break a complexed molecule apart and use the glycome portion to create energy. Salicinium uses this process to deliver it's components to the cancer cell disguised as sugar. Once the cell removes the glycome for energy it's left with a portion it can not metabolize which becomes cytotoxic. Salicinium simultaneously enhances your own immune (Natural Killer/Gc MAF) cells renewing their defensive capabilities and all taking place with no toxicity and having no effect blood glucose levels.

Salicinium - The Science of Glycobiology

A PET Scan or MRI with contrast is much like the process of glycolosis. Previous to being scanned radioactive isotopes attached to sugar are given to the patient. Cancer cells take in the sugar and with it receive the isotopes which will then glow in the scan. This works because cancer cells have up to 19 times more receptors than normal healthy cells and are generally  concentrated  together in tumors. This is why you see a mass where there is greater uptake indicating a tumor.